About Me

Kornelije Sajler is an amateur photographer based in Rijeka, Croatia.

Almost by accident started photographic journey on New Year's Day of 2013 and started learning photography through digital camera and ways to manipulate images in post process.

In start of 2016 upon developing his first medium format film and after few months in film, starts exclusively on analogue journey in black and white film photography.

Developing film by himself start to be challenging,  interesting and relaxing. Having manual medium format camera and by doing everything slowly and manually made him better photographer and visualize final image more clearly.

Mostly landscapes were first subjects, but with film and most certainly with black and white view of world in his photography, there are now urban places, accidental people, interesting lighting and shadows. Kornelije  had always interest in long exposures and its unpredictability especially with all uniqueness of film.

Each image is story by itself and unique view of the world through his lens that sometime is epic and majestic, but sometimes lonely and depressive. In future eager to learn darkroom printing and manipulating negatives to its unique prints.

For more information on Kornelije's work, to get in touch or to just say hello, feel free to contact me or get connected on twitter (@ksphoto_me)flickr or instagram ( profile. 

Photo by: Robert Petković (5ko).