2017: Retrospective

This year was very intensive and I lears so many new analogue techingues and tested some new films and developers.

But this year would be pretty much boring without great film community, which most of my achievments this year are driven. From individuals, enthusiast to well established companies in analougue world, from bottom of my heart, big thank You to all and may You all have great and prosper New Year in film and analogue photograhy.

New films tested

  • CineStill 800T (135/120)
  • Bergger Pancro 400 (135/120)
  • Ferrania P30 (135)
  • Rollei Ortho 25 plus (120)
  • Rollei ATP 1.1 (120)
  • Ilford PAN F+ (120)
  • Kodak Portra 160/400 (120)

New Developers Tested

  • Spur Acurol-N
  • Spur Speed Major / Spur Push Master
  • Ilford Microphen
  • Pyrocat HD glycol
  • Rollei ATP DC/AB
  • Tetenal Colortec C-41
  • Rollei B&W Reversal Kit

Photographing Carnival with only film

For few years now I've been photographing Rijeka Carnival and always digitally. Let's be honest, it is easier to shoot and delete lots of photos in those chaotic events. But this year I've decided to shoot with film only! And I'm not into colour, so I decided to use mainly colour film. I've used my trusted Nikon F100 but also 3 more point and shoot cheap cameras borrowed from my friends (Canon Prima AF-7, Minolta AF-E II, Canon Prima Junior DX).

Shot 20 colour films and 3 B&W films, it looked great, especially printed. Ektar roll was really something, even thogh Ektar is not really good for people skin, but when skin is mostly hidden by vivid paint, it looked fabolous.

Films used: Kodak Ektar, AgfaPhoto Vista Plus 400, Fuji Superia 200/400/800, Kodak Gold, Fuji C200, CineStill 800T, Adox Silvermax, Ilford HP5+.

Bergger Pancro 400

When new film Bergger Pancro 400 started to be available got few 120 format and 135 format rolls (135 rolls used only as point and shoot). And out of fun, I've used Bergger own Berspeed developer, and shot at EI 400, 800, 1600. Fantastic film, highly recommended!


This year I got my perk from CineStill, and crowdfunded ArsImago Lab-Box and Sillbera. And hopefully next year I'll crowdfund something new in analogue world.

B&W Reversal

Macodirect started to sell Rollei BW Reversal Kit. I was very eager too try this kit and do my first BW reversal slide film. In the end I've end up with 5 developed films, learned few things. I wold say I'm not impressed with this kit, here are few reasons and rants:

  • Price (€75), not sure why kit is having Fixer, Stop Bath and Wetting Agent that most film photographers have? Without it it would be less price and maybe 1L solution instead of weird 1.2L even less price.
  • 1,2L solution?! Who got that brilliant idea, it is really hard to store them, I've used 1,5L watter bottles.
  • Lousy documentation, really hard to start, for those new to B&W Reversal/Slide development.
  • No info for how long solution can last. I end up throwing it away after 7 months in bottles. My last attempt produced nearly black positives.
  • Rollei RPX 25 and Agfa Copex Rapid dev times are blank, nearly year after they are still blank, have no idea what's the purpose for them being in datasheet.

Ferrania P30 Alpha

In support for Film Ferrania, purchased few rolls of Ferrania P30 Alpha. I'll eagerly wait for 120 format of P30!

This year I had my first actual exbition "Pag" in gallery "Skale do sunca" (Stairways to Sun). It was in one of Croatia islands - Pag, where I shot many great photos this year. Exhibition included mostly film photographs, and 2 digital photos taken around island Pag.

First Wedding with film

My best friend asked me to shoot his wedding. Mostly I've shot digitally with Nikon D610, but I wanted to shoot with film. I've used only 120 format, surely, taken with Mamiya RZ67 Pro II. Films used were 3x Kodak Portra 400 and 2x Ilford HP5+ (both pushed to EI800).

C-41 Development

All my wedding colour C-41 films I've developed by myself, this was first time I was developing C-41 (Very bold move!). C-41 kit used was 2.5L Tetenal Colortec C-41. I was pretty much happy the way I've develop those 3 Kodak Portra films. I've used 30°C temperature for development.

A Shot With Pancro

Got my first reward from Bergger with their call for entries "A shot with Pancro" for August. My winning photo was "Rise of Monoliths".

Epson SC P600 Printer

Since I'm not sure when I'll have enlarger and especially room where I'll set up my darkroom. I've decided to buy a good digital printer. After a bit researching I've bought Epson P600 because, don't need bigger format than A3+ and it is superb for B&W prints.

Pyrocat HD (glycol)

After having it for a year, finally tried development with PyrocatHD glycol in usual and semi-stand development way.

First Emulsive article

My first article in Emulsive portal. Article (a very long one) is about my adventure in Pyrocat HD semi-stand development of Ilford Delta 100 Pro.


360mm lens

Bought 5th Mamiya RZ lens 360mm f/6 W, and as extra got geniune Mamiya CPL (Circular polarizer). Now I have 65mm L-D, 110mm, 180mm W-N, 250mm and this new 360mm W lens.

Prints with enlarger

My first prints with enlarger in AFK Palach darkroom. I've used only B&W 135 negatives, since darkroom enlarger can only enlarge up to 6x6 and I'm mainly in 6x7 format. The paper used is some regular cheap Foma 5x7.


Created an web application (adjusted for mobile browsing) with new Ilford reciprocity failures for all their films. And added pinhole calc, that for metered shutter speed and aperture, converts shutter speed for custom pinhole aperture (aperture can be anything between 1 and infinity :-) ).

My photos were featured in Thanksgiving Viewer Submission Special on Film YouTube channel by Erik Whalstrom. There were few more featured photographers.

Here is a part about my photo(s): Thanksgiving Viewer Submission Special (Featuring My Dad!)

Emulsive Santa

And first time I've been part of great Emulsive Santa. I did my part, but not as I wished for...

My rant for next Emulsive Santa is that instead of own avatar photo, each person should point to his blog, site, twiter or wherever is possible to see its film photography and some connection to film community. Person I needed to send gift, was having no photos of any kind that would describe me how and why this person shoots film. Completely unemotionally I've sent 10ish 135 films, mostly those person wanted and some more. I haven't send any note and nothing more than films, because I really didn't find any affection to film of that person... Hopefully next year, I'll get person with much more details about his film photography!

But on the other side I've got great gift from Ray (@physicalgrain), completely opposite from what I'm usually using, but Ray could find a lots of resorces on what I shoot and what I like. Sadly I got person that I couldn't find anything film related, I really would like it would be someone like Ray, where I can find some info on his film affinity.

Nevertheless, Holga mini will be used, especially for Carnival in 2018, it will be ideal. One more time, thanks, Ray!

On to 2018...

I will prbobably have calmer year than 2017, there are few things I need to do outside of film and photography. But I've never inteded to do so many things in 2017, they've just happened. Mainly driven by film community that I really like.

My future goals are still the same:

  • Darkroom (a proper one).
  • Enlarger for negatives 6x6 and above (ideally up to 4x5).
  • Buy and start with 4x5 large format camera.
  • Develop my own E-6, but I'll wait Kodak Ektachrome (Sadly, I don't want to attach to FujiFilm).